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Tonkin Gap

Client Tonkin Gap Alliance

Expertise Construction Engineering

Location Ascot, WA

Project Notes

The Tonkin Gap Project will eliminate the current bottleneck for highway traffic by increasing the number of lanes and upgrading interchanges. Peritas are providing construction engineering support for the Tonkin Gap Alliance throughout the duration of this project.

Scope of works for the project include:

  • Casting bed formwork design verification
  • 3rd party verification for sheet pile wall design
  • Assessment of in ground authority assets
  • Collier dam design review
  • Lifting beam design review
  • Reinforced cage lift designs
  • Pier formwork design
  • 3rd party review for OLE hoarding
  • Excavation design along PTA assets
  • Bearing capacity assessments for crane lift
  • Slope stability assessment
  • Miscellaneous construction support


Project completion is scheduled for 2023.