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Rock Wall

Client Satterley Group

Expertise Retaining walls, Noise Wall

Location Wandi South, WA

Project Notes

Peritas Civil has been engaged by Satterley Project Group to undertake the design and site supervision of Honeywood Estate in Kwinana. The complexity of the development dictated some of the areas to be excavated by 5-6 metres to provide level building platforms and comply with road grades. Peritas Civil has discussed the provision of common limestone retaining walls with the Client and other team members and it was agreed that due to the size of walls it was not economical nor aesthetically pleasant to use the conventional method of retaining. Peritas Civil has offered to build a rock wall as a substitute that provided a softer and more cost effective solution. The constriction of the rock wall is unique for the Perth region. Honeywood Estate was the first land development in Perth area with the rock wall of that scale. The rocks were delivered from Dunsborough and then size and shape was carefully selected on site. Some of rocks weighted 3-5 tonne.