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Forrestfield Industrial Estate

Client City of Kalamunda, Taliska Investments, Hero Pty Ltd & Health Development Company

Expertise Civil & infrastructure design, documentation and site supervision.

Location Forrestfield, WA

Project Notes

Peritas Civil staff has been involved with the Forrestfield Industrial area since the initial rezoning was undertaken in 1986, working closely with the Kalamunda Shire and local developers. Since that time we have been instrumental in the planning and all Civil engineering issues for the area. Peritas senior staff undertook the comprehensive Drainage Management Strategy for the site and worked closely with the local authority and landowners to achieve the scheme plan now adopted. Peritas Civil senior staff were responsible for the complete design, documentation and delivery of the Forrestfield Industrial Estate for the developers (an area bounded by Dundas Road, Berkshire Road and Roe Freeway. This also included the later development of the individual sites for the purchasers in the majority of cases within the estate.